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The topic i will discuss today is becoming increasingly important in recent days. This is more true for Ayurveda physicians  as  they are not much aware or trained in coping with certain situations. To survive and grow as a human being and doctor at the same time, is what makes us what we are!

To become an ayurveda doctor you have studied this  great science with heart and tried your level best to learn the best of the things. But, in modern days, some different and relatively neglected skills are also assuming  greater importance.

The modern day Ayurveda doctor needs skills which are classified under personal and technical. We all know that profession of a doctor is respected very much. But, to preserve that status and uplift it, many skills are required.

Personal skills –

  • Approachable, interested, compassionate and caring – being able to absorb people’s pain and anxieties without losing focus, treating patients as a human being rather than a symptom or collection of symptoms.
  • Takes time to listen and communicate honestly and effectively with patients and relatives.
  • Trustworthy, loyal, dedicated, thorough in his approach and actions.
  • A person who is confident about his standards of the treatment.

Technical skills –

  • Having technical skills, being competent, knowledgeable using evidence based practice – Actually patients are not in a position to judge an Ayurveda doctor on technical grounds. But, as they speak to you or the patients in your waiting room, they try to judge you. So, it is nowadays very necessary to try and display your knowledge and competence by using newspaper articles, radio talks, signboards, and other ways.
  • Inspiring, always learning and teaching without fear of humiliation – The medical science is always evolving. Ayurveda is no exception! We can see various different kinds of treatment modalities being practiced with success. So, we should be ready to learn as much as we can. The use of computers, mobile phones and other gadgets to learn and gain more practice oriented knowledge is a must.

Let’s try to adopt the skills for our self improvement and enrich ourselves!!!

– Vaidya Aniruddha Kulkarni


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