Hello from myself and Digital Ayurveda Solutions (DAS)!!

As we all know the advances and changes in the medical field are sometimes beyond our grasping speed. But, we all have to keep up to date with what is happening around us.

In 1950, doctors in practice could expect the total amount of medical knowledge to double every 50 years. By 2020, it will take just 73 days! Then, how a young ayurveda doctor is supposed to keep up while managing the hectic pace of the practice?

You are engaged with lectures, hospital rounds, studying for your UG or PG examinations and friends. But, when you step into the practice, you become unsure as how to keep up to the changing medical field.

The main driving force is your curiosity about routine work.  As a new thing, always see your patient with different point of view. Try and analyze him/her with some added enthusiasm.

Try and create challenges for yourself. This can be done by accepting to become a teacher or speaker or  writer.

There are many resources available from where you can keep yourself update like reading quality articles, subscribing to relevant journals and attending seminars and conferences.

There are some online courses available. You can gain practical knowledge to enhance your practice. Digital content regarding Ayurveda is getting better.

Some tips

  • The patient comes first. So, try and learn the things which will help you to serve your patients better. This is our commitment to our patients.
  • Always learn from the sources where you can get evidence based knowledge.
  • Enlist a study team.
  • Make constant learning your life style.
  • Social media as a learning platform is great. But, you have to be cautious and alert to trust the knowledge you are getting.


– Dr. Aniruddha Kulkarni

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