Happy Women’s Day!!!

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As women constitute half the population, their health is as important as their counterparts. Moreover, women are supposed to bear additional responsibility of motherhood. So, the nature has gifted women with special physiology and mental set up. Every medical science has attributed special branch for the health and diseases of women. Ayurveda is no exception.

A journey of a girl child to old lady is not easy healthwise. There are many stages and phases in a woman’s life which needs proper understanding and careful attendance for a healthy and meaningful life. The main phase is of course when a girl becomes woman, i.e. commencement of menstruation. From menarche to menopause, the woman is in fertile stage and goes through numerous physiological challenges. If the adaptation capability decreases, many disease conditions are seen.

8th March is celebrated as ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’. On this ocassion, various issues of women are discussed. We have come a long way in empowering women and making them competent to make their mark as an individual. But, the health concerns have also increased. I will discuss five top health challenges of today’s women. We see many female patients approaching ayurveda to get cured and foster their health. The concerns can be discussed at lengths but, here I will just mention them and also direct towards various treatments and medicines which are useful in these conditions. Requesting you to not blindly follow the advice given here and consult an ayurveda physician.

  1. ANEMIA – This condition presents itself in many ways like – fatigue, exertional dyspnea, loss of appetite and swelling. The main cause is inadequate diet intake. The treatment part includes correction of lifestyle, proper and balanced meals and medicines like, Vidrum kitta, Padmak kitta, Suvarnamakshik bhasma, navayas loha, lohasava etc.
  2. BREAST CANCER – The incidence of breast cancer is on rise. The key to the success is early detection and treatment. Women should be trained in self breast examination and they should be encouraged to consult the doctor if they feel something wrong. Modern cancer management should be supplemented by medicines like, Kunakhi guggul, Kanchanar guggul, Rajani yog, Kalingakadi guggul, Jingi Sharadi, Padmak kanti, Suvarna bhasma, Hirak bhasma etc.
  3. OBESITY AND PCOD – These two conditions are different but complement each other. Obesity might be the cause of PCOD in some cases, while, the hormonal changes in PCOD can be the cause of obesity. Regular exercise, balanced diet and medicines like Chaturthak guggul, Aarogyavardhini, Gokshuradi guggul, Chandraprabha, Rajapravartini vati, Kunakhi guggul, Pushpadhanva rasa, Jingi sharadi etc. should be used.
  4. SKIN DISEASES – The women are more conscious about how they look. This leads to the use of various cosmetics which are chemical in nature. Many times the internal causes of external cosmetic disorders are not attended well. This results in various allergies and skin diseases. Acne, Hair greying and fall, Dandruff, black circles below the eyes etc. along with some chronic skin diseases are referred to an ayurveda physician. The treatment plan includes Virechana, Vamana, raktmokshana from Panchakarma, along with internal medicines like Paripathadi kadha, Mahamanjishthadi kadha, Sarivadyasava, Rajani yoga, Jingi sharadi, Panchakashay guggul etc.
  5. ANXIETY – DEPRESSION – Many female patients are suffering from mental and emotional stress. When their adaptability reaches its threshold they land into the disaese conditions like anxiety and depression. As womenbattles on many fronts to prove themselves, they may not get support from the family, friends or colleagues. This loneliness and frustration can present in the form of depression. To overcome this, psychological counseling is a must. Along with it medicines like Jatamansni, Vacha, Shankhapushpi, Akik pishti, Brahmi can be used.

Let’s respect and support women. Let’s take a lead in caring for their physical, mental and emotional health.

Happy women’s day!!


  • Dr. Aniruddha Kulkarni

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