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The world of Ayurveda is buzzing now a days. All around you there is something related to ayurveda is being published, read, talked about or advertised. Yes, it is the age old healing system of India, but, has found renewed interest from masses and classes too!

The government of India is also promoting Ayurveda by various campaigns and providing additional funds in many sectors. There are almost 250 ayurveda colleges running undergraduate and postgraduate courses in India. They are getting a great response from aspiring students who want to become a physician. Sadly, the number of students practicing Ayurveda after completion of the course is very less. 15000 new students are admitted across the nation for B.A.M.S. course every year. So, why majority of the students are not practicing Ayurveda?

The reasons are many. But, the main reason is unavailability of good clinical knowledge. The students in order to be allowed to practice modern medicine or Allopathy, are trained in both the systems. The disappointing outcome is inability of these doctors to master any one of the system. So, the concepts and their application are not clearly understood by the students. They doesn’t see many patients in their college hospitals exclusively treated by Ayurveda. The medicines, raw or finished, are many times not authentically prepared. The public perception that, Ayurveda is slow acting, which still persists, prompt the doctors to practice as a general physician of modern medicine.

If all this has to be changed in positive way for Ayurveda, any student who has taken admission to B.A.M.S. course or pursuing M.D. or a practitioner should at least do following things –

  • Read original Samhitas first and then read other books.
  • Try to prepare as many medicines as you can.
  • Attend the clinic or hospital of a reputed vaidya near you.
  • Be active to learn anything from your freinds, colleagues or teachers.
  • Always try to think keeping in mind today’s food, life style, stress etc.


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