August 27, 2018

Diploma in Panchakarma (Classical and Kerala Traditional)

Introduction and Teaching methodology

  1. This course is an online course with 2 days contact program.
  2. Capacity – 25 students
  3. Registration – Every student will register himself online with payment gateway and upload necessary documents and photo.
  4. There will be 88 topics in 22 weeks course material disbursement. In each week, four topics will be released containing audio/video file; ppt and doc file of each topic. Audio/video file can’t be downloaded but ppt and doc are downloadable.
  5. The students will not be able to login after 6 months with their id and password.
  6. There will be a doubt solving session after every two weeks which will be online and will only have audio participation. These sessions will also be available for listening for entire course tenure. Recorded version will also be available which will be downloadable.
  7. There will be a forum page available for each topic where students can post their questions and views.
  8. The 2 day contact program will be arranged in last two weeks of the course. It will be held at Sangli. The accommodation and meals will be provided to the delegates.
  9. The course will start on 1st March and 1st September. The admission will be open from 1st February and 1st July.
  10. Course fee for Indian National – Rs. 22000 INR only. (Includes course material, live audio sessions and contact program with accommodation and meals)
  11. Course fee for Foreign National – $ 1000 USD only. (Includes course material, live audio sessions)
  12. The medium of instruction will be English.
  13. Eligibility – Internees with provisional registration, BAMS, M.D.

Objectives of DP

  • To train ayurveda scholars to work as competent physicians and healers proficient in PANCHAKARMA THERAPY in their clinic practice.
  • To equip the participants to run their own ayurveda clinic or hospital.
  • To impart clinical knowledge to the participants to work in large hospitals, institutions alongwith other pathies.
  • To incorporate PANCHAKARMA CHIKITSA methods to utilize with other ayurveda special treatments and medicines.
  • Equip the scholars in preparation of quality drugs.


Aushadhi, ahar, vihar, dinacharya, rutucharya and panchakarma mainly comprises a prescription of any Ayurveda Doctor. Panchakarma is the  treatment modality which needs high quality skills, practical work experience and keen observation. Conducting procedure of any karma skillfully is one part and doing it at right time in an appropriate manner is the key to success in terms of treating diseases and maintaining health. Many a times due to lack of proper guidance and not so easy access to observe Panchakarma procedures at institute or  a senior Vaidya; makes a Vaidya skeptical and hesitant to practice Panchakarma.

The key to effective Panchakarma therapy is precise understanding of disease condition; to decide treatment plan and execute it with minimum discomfort to the patient. The samhitas has elaborate information about Panchakarma procedures which should be synchronized with current practices. Unnecessary alterations or modifications in procedures and intrusion of karma to a patient leads to complications resulting in not so favorable outcome of the treatment.

Kerala state has preserved its’ culture, food, language and traditions faithfully, harnessing awareness, belief and support to Ayurveda.Since ages, Ayurveda is being practiced in kerala and Panchakarma has got flourished, rediscovered with innovations. They not only rediscovered the procedures but also proactively propagated and marketed them with commercial success. The impact is such that many classical procedures though from Samhitas, are believed as derived from kerala tradition.

The DP course is a genuine effort to take Ayurveda physicians a few steps further to provide knowledge from samhitas, make them well versed with current trends, understand the practical part in depth, make them proficient in clinical application in various disease conditions and management of complications if occur during procedures.

The online structure of the course allows the practitioner to learn from their homes, understad and practically experience Panchakarma therapy and procedures in details.

Key features –

  • Learn everything about Panchakarma online.
  • Perfect blend of learning panchakarma in its original form from Samhita as well as traditional Kerala procedures.
  • Focused more on practical and clinical applied aspect of panchakarma so as to be able to practice it successfully to treat various disease conditions.

Sylabus – Download Syllabus

Faculty –

  1. Dr. Amol Patil , Sangli.
  2. Dr. Aniruddha Kulkarni, Miraj
  3. Dr. Megha Survase, Aurangabad
  4. Dr. Alaknanda Kulkarni, Sangli
  5. Dr. Viraj Manerikar , Goa
  6. Dr. Ganesh Barhate, Aurangabad
  7. Dr. Shivanand Tonde , Nashik
  8. Dr. Vishwajeet Patade , Mumbai.

Contact details –
For enquiry –
Dr. Aniruddha Kulkarni – 7972534177/9422407049
Dr. Amol Patil – 9324517177

For admission –

Office address –
Digital Ayurveda Solutions, 4096, Ganesh marg, Near Tikare tailors, Shaniwar peth, Miraj. 416410, Maharashtra

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